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Your go-to place to prepare the need of
FinCEN Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) and Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting. helps you to keep up-to date
with regulatory development as well as provides all the necessary
tool to meet the obligation in an efficient and effective way.

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Few Words About BOReporting

As the regulatory need for reporting the beneficial ownership information is imminent, BOReporting helps you keep apprised of the development as well as provide all the tools/control required to meet these requirements. With strong depth of the experience in this area, BOReporting is uniquely positioned to provide you all the controls at your fingertip to make the process seamless and efficient for you.


Keep You apprised of all the developments


Provide the tools to meet regulatory needs


Helps you to manage your internal process as well as make you efficient

BOReporting's main features

Single place for all developments

Power of BOReporting brings you the updates across the many places to save the effort of reaching out to many corners.

Meet regulatory needs

BOReporting will provide all the reporting mechanisms (Electronic / manual) etc. to meet the regulatory needs.

Record Retention & Archiving

BOReporting becomes single solution for your needs to maintain all your work and any inquiry purpose etc.

Makes you efficient

The power of BOReporting helps you to finish your work in a efficient and effective way to save time / money in your organization.

In-built validation and reminders

Built-in validation of the information entered as well as proactive reminder for the upcoming due date etc.

No repetition

If you have one beneficial owner who represents multiple entities, there is no need to repeat the same information or update multiple times. The tool will take care of all the required steps and proactively inform you.

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